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Queer as Folk Dare Fic Challenge

Queer As Folk Dare Fic Challenge
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Welcome to the Queer As Folk Dare Fic Challenge. This challenge is asking for QaF fic based on the theme DARE. It could be Brian daring Justin to do something, or vice versa. It could be a dare among the ensemble characters, it could be a game of truth or dare. Dare to dream, be daring etc etc.

Any fic influenced by the word DARE is acceptable.

All seasons as well as future fic are welcomed.

Betas are encouraged.

The stories will be posted anonymously for one week, then the writers will be revealed.

Three rules only;

No Brian/Michael.
No extremely OOC fic. I want stories that reflect the characters of Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor. And just to make it perfectly clear, the pairing is Brian/Justin.

Dare icon by the awesome paddies

Journal header by the talented black_berry

This journal is for adults only. Some of the fic within is rated NC-17. Please be sure you are of legal age where you live in order to read it.

Disclaimer: All characters and situations from Queer As Folk are the property of Russell T. Davies, CowLip Productions, Tony Jonas Productions, Showtime Networks Inc. and others. No copyright infringement is intended.