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I am tentatively making plans to host all fics written as part of the Dare Challenge, as well as other fics at qaf_challenges on a website.

I'm trying to get an idea of whether you would be happy to have your fics hosted on a separate website, or not.

I'm envisaging that feedback could be left for the writer via an email address at the end of each fic.

Nothing is actually certain yet, but please leave me a comment with your thoughts, and if you would rather not take part.

The fics will continue to be saved here regardless.

The advantage is, hopefully, more traffic, and more people reading your fics!

One rule, all fics must be correctly edited with all typos cleaned up. Only then will they be accepted.

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The writers have now been revealed! See if you guessed correctly.

Writers, you can now reply to comments, and cross post your fic if you like.

A complete list of all fics and writers is under the cut for your convenience!

Thanks to all who took part, and check out qaf_challenges for more. The first challenge has now been posted there!

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Dare fics have now been posted! We had a whopping 36 entries submitted! *faints*

A big thank you to all the writer's who signed up, even those who had to pull out.

Thanks also to the many people who have offered help and encouragement in a non-writing capacity!

It's been a blast for me, and we have some wonderful new fic to enjoy!

And because I loved it so much, I'm going to make it permanent. I have set up qaf_challenges, a fic writing community, where I will post ongoing challenges.

I encourage everyone to sign up, as I will be posting the first challenge over there shortly.

Dare fics will remain anonymous for 10 days, giving readers time to guess who wrote what. I ask that the writers don't respond to their comments or cross post their fics until the 10 days are up.

The fics are posted in random order. Happy guessing!

To aid in your guessing, here's the list of writers who took part!

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Title: YEARN 
Written By such_a_steph
Timeline: 513 to April 2007 
Rating: 17+ 
Warnings: Occasional coarse language. M/M sex. Spoilers - all seasons, especially ep 513 
Summary: It’s Justin’s first solo show in New York. Brian is the first to see it on the eve of the opening. 
Author Notes: For my two wonderful betas. Without them, this would not have been possible.

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Title: A Night at the Liberty Baths
Written by: slave_o_spike
Timeline: Mid-season 2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: There is the briefest moment of a threesome
Summary: A night at the Liberty Baths escalates into a riot and one police investigator has his hands full.
Author Notes: I don't really have to say this, but anything in italics is the recounting of the story. Also, ALL feedback is good - good, bad, flames, indifferent.

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